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1 Forum points on Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:14 pm

Sir. Mayo

What is this?

This is something we have always had here on the forum. But now the Best posts Will Get 10+ points added to their Profile total.
Each user gets 1 point for every day that goes by after they sign up as well as 1 point for every message posted in a topic as well as every subject posted.

The 10+ points only Currently apply for best replies in the scenario section. So please remember to Post there.

They will be chosen by the number of thumbs up so be sure to Give people Thumbs up (votes up) if you like their post.
The top one is chosen 1 week after the Topic was started if this week goes up and no one comments it will be one week from the first comments date.
If their is no winner then no points  are awarded.
In the event of a tie each person gets 10 points.
Please also note that using  thumbs down to get you self the best post will result in  loss of all your points and being unable to post in the scenario section.

Don't know how to vote (thumbs up) here is how?

1)Find a comment that you like
2) Look to the Right side of the comment
3) You should see a + and a - sign.
use the plus (+) to up vote and the minus (-) down vote.

The thanks button can be used to just to say a thank you to the user commenting.
The thanks button Adds one point to the posters Rep.


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