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No marraige for Gays Now its no pasta???

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1 No marraige for Gays Now its no pasta??? on Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:01 pm

Sir. Mayo

Today the pasta company barilla has this to say about gays:
"For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the basic values of the company," he told Italian radio on Wednesday evening. "I would not do it but not out of a lack of respect for homosexuals who have the right to do what they want without bothering others … [but] I don't see things like they do and I think the family that we speak to is a classic family."

Now my thoughts on this are that Yes their intitled to their "OWN" Opinion1 but for them to go out publicly and say the reason for this is because they don't think gays are a traditional family is just plain wrong!
So They did make a few new friends to day their new  friends (who dont support gays as well) are:

  • A-1 Self Storage Company
  • AutoZone Inc
  • Cinemark
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Salvation Army
  • Manchester Grand Resorts
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Walmart Stores Inc.
  • ExxonMobil

But they also made some new enemies:

  • Apple
  • Starbucks
  • Google(woah did i just see your Results being moved to the last page )

  • Facebook
  • eBay
  • NIKE Inc
  • Gap
  • Ben&Jerrys
  • Banana Republic
  • Levi Strauss& Co
  • Microsoft
  • JetBlue
  • MasterCard
  • AT&T:
  • Instagram
  • Johnson& Johnson
  • Ernst&Young
  • Mondelēz International (OreosMaker)Marc Jacobs
  • UBS
  • Citi
  • Orbitz
  • Cisco
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Moody International
  • Expedia

1 While their intitled to there own opinions i do not agree with their opinions!

What are your thoughts on this?


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